I call this volume SOULSCAPES–a journey toward connection and meaning through imagery and words. As a poet, wanderer, and wonderer, I try through my work to make sense of the universe.

Thanks to adventuresome parents and a rich and tapestried childhood in France, India, and the United States, I was introduced to many ways of looking at the world.

Spiritually, I would call myself a seeker who admits, discovers, and ponders all gods. I learned growing up to be open to all aspects of faith: Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist, Christian, Judaic, Native American, and worldwide tribal beliefs.

I’ve steeped myself in research about many other areas of spiritual belief and practice: origin stories, spirit animals, tarot, witchcraft, the occult, past lives, lucid dreaming. As I am both a rational skeptic and a believer in things unexplainable by logic, poetry seems the perfect way to explore and love both the scientific fact-based world and the magical, mysterious unknown.

I see all beings as one with nature in the universe. Why would we be apart?

And what else is out there, in the far reaches of space? With recent developments never thought imaginable, like the James Webb Telescope, we are compelled to open our eyes to new visions of the universe–the galaxies “beyond.” Perhaps my real religion is Education and Exploration.

I invite you to take this journey with me through SOULSCAPES, an exploration of the way we reach for godliness or soul in our lives and relations. May you consider and delight as I have in other ways of knowing.

Soulscapes, poems by Lee Woodman


Sample Poems in SOULSCAPES


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