My Personal Shrine

My Personal Shrine is a collection of people’s stories in the form of a personal shrine, shared via an Instagram account.

I love the idea of secular shrines. They allow folks to give shape to their most precious ideas and symbols. Everyone most likely has objects, idea, or pictures they can access in their homes, surroundings, or workplace. Assembling some of these icons is fun, easy, and an opportunity to show individual artistry. A special spot for your shrine gives you a place to stop, pause, consider, gain strength, and start a new day. It can be a reminder, a chance to chuckle, an honoring of loved ones, a spur toward excellence. Your personal shrine can be a bright light in a time when there is too little of the enchanting, the magical, and the surprising in our daily lives.

Some Ideas and Prompts to Consider:

What is one of your favorite activities?
Do you already have an amusing or unusual collection?
What kind of objects make you feel sentimental?
Is there a special lesson you’d like to pass on?

Possible Locations for Your Secular Shrine:

A windowsill
A corner shelf
A niche on a balcony, driveway, patio
A tiny tray on the kitchen counter
A plant stand or end table

What to do if you’d like to send in Your Personal Shrine:

Take a photo of the shrine in its special spot
Write a very short story, poem, or comment about it (max of 45 words)
Fill out the form below and send it in
*Note: Keep it clean. No porn, no diatribes. Enjoy!


BEN - This is my piggybank shrine. A permanent display in my bedroom as a tribute to my childhood love of collecting pig-related paraphernalia. On top of the bookshelf; a daily reminder of how sometimes simple childhood things can still bring great joy even as time passes.
BILL - A shrine to me as a photographer is a frame on the essence, that of design color and content. I use the shrine often in my picture taking. I recognize it. It more than makes me feel good, it is my connection to the universe.
DANIELLA - Travel is my passion - from Arlington to Athens, California to Cairo, DC to Delhi, and Iceland to Istanbul. The past year has been marked by a colliding of worlds and a crossroads of cultures. The more world I see the bigger my dreams become. 
DAVID - I've always been fascinated by images that inspire reverence, worship or spiritual connections. The variety of religious images is a reflection of the depth of human imagination. I find spiritual pleasure in gathering sacred objects, including ones I make, to place in my office shrine.
DENISE - All grown up, it is time to move on, Two so tiny, now beautiful, handsome, strong. Sweet mother kisses shift to adult hugs and warm wishes, The drum beats to time, it is time to move on.  The Goddess within breaks free, it won't be long,   To the Rockies, to love, it is time to move on.
DOROTHY - You Are Who You Meet.   Family, Friends. Encountered in adventures past and journeys yet to reveal. Great expectations from all. Offering unique deliverance To parallel worlds of happiness.
GINNY - My medicine cabinet shrine holds artifacts of daily life and memories of trips. It's not the shrine of a 20 year old, but it's also not the shrine of an 80 year old.  Guests who snoop have questions, I’m sure, but they never ask.
MANDY - After my father died, it fell upon me to clean out and sell his house, which was very emotional for me since it was where I grew up and the last place my family was all together (my mother having already passed away).  Before I signed the papers, I took one last walk through the property.  I said goodbye to my father on a big map that was tacked to the wall of his study.  On a fallen tree, I thanked my mom for all my good memories of rambling through the woods, peering under logs and floating leaf boats down the stream.  On the stone that covered our little pet cemetery, I said goodbye to my dear childhood pets.  On the corner of the garage, I said goodbye to my home.  It was very cathartic.
MARY -   With an open spirit as life presents an abundance of choices…  In search of continuing joy with family and work and life;   Honoring my greatest gifts;  And with enormous gratitude for all that is.
RACHEL - When you grow up geeky and gawky, Wonder Woman is an escape into wonderfulness. Strong, independent, gorgeous, fearless, and just. With no ego! Lynda Carter represents bright moments from a time when the stories in my dreamy little mind got me through each day.
Sarah, I am ARTIST
SARAH - Inspiration from author Pat Lowery Collins,  “I am an artist whenever I look closely around me.” Two sweet daughters starring at the vast ocean An imperfect oyster shell, rugged and wild A bell for sweet music Mom’s pearls Pansy and weed together in a silver vase Sharing a canoe with my guy Illuminated by a candle

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